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Kittens sphynx

About the reserve and deposits for kittens

Kittens leave nursery at the age of 12 weeks or after vaccinated. May reserve a kitten from three weeks of birth.

Deposit for a kitten to be paid before he will be considered reserved.

Deposit is not refundable.

If the buyer changes his mind, for any reason, the deposit will be paid for the maintenance, care, and lost opportunities to sell a kitten.

I reserve the right to refuse sale of any kitten, shown on this page for any reason.

In the contract of sale are available here.


Sphynx Litter E

All kittens from this litter have been sold.

DOB: 21.10.2012


Dame:Infinite Joy Uslada Glaz Moikh

Sire:Ness-ha-Teva Azazello

4 kittens in the litter

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