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Canadian Sphynx standard (WCF)

Body: Medium in size, rounded and sturdy, yet comparatively fine boning. Rib cage broad and massive, abdomen rounded. Legs also with fine boning , yet muscular and strong. Front legs widely set because of the broad chest. Paws oval with long toes (monkey fingers). Tail long and slender,
whippy and bare. A small puff of hair on tip (lion tail) is accepted.

Head: Medium-sized angular skull, hardly longer than wide, in the shape of a slightly rounded modified wedge. Strong rounded m uzzle with muzzle break, well developed whisker pads and prominent cheekbones. Profile curved. Neck medium long and muscular.
Ears: Striking large size, set wide apart; broad at base, interior is totally hairless. Slight amount of down
on the base of the backside of the ear is allowed.

Eyes: Large, lemon-shaped, slightly slanted . The distance between the eyes to be slightly more than an
eye width. Eye colour harmonizing with skin colour.
Coat: The skin is just covered with light down. It feels like human baby skin and has the same function. Wrinkles on the forehead, legs and throat. Slight hair cover on the muzzle allowed. Whiskers are desired.

Colour Varieties: Any colour is accepted, the descriptions of colours are listed in the General Colour Guide.

Faults: Strong resemblance to either Devon or Cornish Rex is considered a severe fault.

Remark: Outcrossing to other bare cats is prohibited.

Scale of Points

35 Points

30 Points

5 Points

25 Points

 5 Points


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